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Experiencing Sensitive Teeth in Hoffman Estates, IL?

Hot? Cold? Acidic? Feel like its anything and everything that can make your teeth scream? Hoffman Estates dentist, Dr. Lars Johnson, discusses how our teeth become sensitive, why they give us that sharp shrilling pain and what we can do to help combat. Don’t feel alone either. According to the American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) nearly 40 million adults in the United States suffer from the annoyance of tooth sensitivity.

How Our Teeth Become Sensitive

The reason for that sharp distinct pain that plenty of us know well is because the nerves and cells inside the tooth are actually being touched and bothered. This is accessed when our protective layer of enamel is lost and the dentin is exposed. Dentin makes up most of our inner tooth. Dentin is much thinner than the enamel and contains tiny canals (tubules) that lead right to the nerves inside the tooth. Once these tubules are exposed anything can bother these nerves. Hot, cold, flossing, brushing and acidic foods are all typically very bothersome.

Possible Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Many of the above causes ultimately lead to worn tooth enamel.


Forest Edge Dental, your dental clinic in Hoffman Estates, should be your first stop in determining the underlying cause of your pain. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Montoya will take a close look at your teeth and ask a few questions to gain an understanding of exactly what is happening. After a close examination they will lay out recommendations for you depending on their discoveries.

Desensitizing toothpaste, root canals, surgical gum grafts and fluoride are common methods to help sensitive teeth from recurring. If possible, starting with a desensitizing toothpaste is a great way to begin because it is inexpensive but does require several applications. The doctor also may do an in office fluoride treatment to strengthen the enamel. Surgical gum grafts and root canals will only be done if necessary and the other options will not suffice.

Proper oral hygiene is an essential step in combating most all of the above causes which will help diminish tooth sensitivity. If suffering from sensitive teeth in Hoffman Estates don’t continue to put it off. Contact the Forest Edge Dental Team and set up an appointment today!