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Suffering for two years with the pain and embarrassment of metal braces is an unfortunate right of passage for most adolescents. If you were lucky enough to avoid braces as a child, you might be facing the consequences now as an adult – crooked teeth and an overcrowded smile that makes you grimace instead of grin.

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Benefits of Invisalign for Adults
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There is a small percentage of people that are born with well-aligned pearly whites. However, for most this isn’t the case. Most people tend to have some crowding, spacing or somewhat “imperfect” teeth. While braces on kids are understandable, it’s much more difficult for adults to take the plunge into orthodontic treatment. This is mostly due to the unsightly metal brackets.

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Benefits of Straight Teeth
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Having straight teeth is something almost everyone wants. A smile without a single crooked tooth looks great, feels great, and can give most anyone a confidence boost. But an attractive smile isn’t the only reason to straighten your teeth. There are a number of health benefits to having straight teeth – and many reasons to get it done early in life. Check out Forest Edge Dental’s list of reasons below.

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invisalign or braces
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Today we wanted to take a closer look at the Invisalign clear braces system with Hoffman Estates dentist, Dr. Lars Johnson. We know crooked teeth can have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem and how they feel about their looks. In the past there weren’t any options outside of traditional orthodontic braces. Wearing traditional braces in your adult life can add even more stress and have a worse impact on one’s self esteem.

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