Cigarette Burning What Does Smoking Do To your Teeth
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It’s widely understood that smoking is a dangerous habit, but not just for your lungs and heart. Smoking also causes excessive damage to your teeth, gums, and mouth. Here at Forest Edge Dental, we know you value your smile and want to protect your teeth for years to come. Take action now to ensure smoking doesn’t cause the following oral health complications.

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Visiting The Dentist During COVID Dentist and Patient
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How long has it been since you’ve seen our Hoffman Estates dentist? If it’s been longer than your “regular” six-months, you’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people with otherwise healthy teeth and gums to see an uptick in issues like gingivitis, tartar buildup, halitosis, and tooth decay. Not just because they aren’t seeing the dentist routinely, but also because everyone is masking all day long and may be prone to a bit of mouth breathing because of it. Aka “mask mouth.”

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Four Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Brush Teeth Smiling Toddler
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When you bring your children to see our Hoffman Estates children’s dentist, we make it a goal to keep their visit upbeat and positive. Most dental concerns are preventable, but the key is to form great habits from an early age. When you do, your child gets a head start at having healthy teeth for life (and will be less likely to experience dental anxiety!)

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