DIY Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Teeth Whitening Women with White Teeth
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If you want a brighter, whiter smile, you’re not alone. Our Hoffman Estates cosmetic dentist hears this often from patients! Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures for adults of all ages. After all, nobody wants to reveal dull, yellow, discolored teeth when they smile.

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Dental Plaque What You Can Do About It Man Flossing
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You brush your teeth every night and visit your Hoffman Estates dentist every six months, but you still wake up each day with unpleasant, embarrassing morning breath. The cause of this frustrating phenomenon? Often, it’s dental plaque. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take at home to fight plaque and protect your vibrant smile.

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Why Tooth Colored Fillings Over Metal Fillings
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If you have a decayed or cracked tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental restoration such as a dental crown or filling to repair the damage. Dental fillings are available in many varieties, including tooth-colored and metal. Which is right for you, and what should you know about them?

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