Oral Health for New & Soon-to-be Moms
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During pregnancy, you’re doing everything you can to make sure you stay healthy for the baby. You eat right, try to get a little exercise in, avoid alcohol, try to stay stress free, etc. Here at Forest Edge Dental we get it can all be a lot. However, being a trusted Hoffman Estates family dentist we do want to make sure something else isn’t getting left behind… your oral health!

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vaping and oral health
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We all know that smoking cigarettes cause lasting damage on teeth and gums, but what about vaping? The e-cigarette trend sweeping our nation is relatively new and, as a result, poorly understood. Many people incorrectly believe vaping is better or “healthier” than smoking, but the truth is that vaping poses an enormous threat to the body and mouth as well. Hoffman Estates dental office, Forest Edge Dental, breaks down e-cigarettes impact on our oral health below.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the use of electronic cigarettes to smoke. E-cigarettes heat a liquid to create an aerosol. The user inhales that aerosol, which typically consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, water, and nicotine. These chemicals create a dangerous cocktail that put users at serious risk, even though it seems “safer” than smoking cigarettes.

Ingredients in Vape Juice Damage Teeth and Gums

The main ingredient in vaping, propylene glycol, is also found in liquid sweeteners and even ice cream. Its faintly sweet taste is appealing, but it breaks down into acetic acid, lactic acid, and propionaldehyde, all of which degrade tooth enamel and the soft tissues of the gums.

Glycerin and e-cigarette flavorings have the same effect. Although they’re odorless and colorless, these ingredients cause microbes to latch onto tooth enamel and break it down. This means that cavity-causing bacteria sticks firmly to the softening teeth of people who vape and trigger widespread tooth decay.

Finally, the effects of nicotine on gum tissue are well documented. Yes, e-cigarettes have less nicotine than traditional cigarettes but most still have nicotine which is both harmful and addictive. Since nicotine decreases blood flow through gum tissue and restricts connective tissue turnover, it puts vapers at a higher risk of developing gum disease and tooth loss.

Oral Side Effects of Vaping

If you vape or know somebody who does, it’s important to understand the oral health risks e-cigarettes can cause. If you have questions, reach out to your Hoffman Estates dentist and gather their take as well. Even if the symptoms appear gradually, vaping can be just as damaging to the mouth as smoking traditional cigarettes:

Combined with the effects of vaping on the heart, brain and lungs, cessation is really the way to go!

The Customized Dental Care You Need

Quitting vaping is the most important step toward a healthier mouth, but don’t forget to get your dentist involved as well. Forest Edge Dental offers extraordinary and comprehensive dentistry to help you overcome the effects of vaping and keep your teeth and gums healthy and vibrant.

Why Your Dentist Needs to Exam Before Pricing Out Treatment
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Just like you wouldn’t trust an insurance adjuster to assess the value of your vehicle claim before inspecting your car, you shouldn’t expect a dentist to price out your treatment before examining your mouth. Your initial dental consultation is a very important stepping stone for the rest of your treatment, so make sure you work with a professional who will do it properly. For a trusted top Hoffman Estates dentist, visit Forest Edge Dental.

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