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The winter can be a lovely time of holiday parties, visiting family and friends and sipping on tasty warm beverages. Unfortunately plenty of these warm beverages stain our teeth. And the not so warm beverages being served at the holiday party… think red wine and whiskey cokes, are also staining beverages. So how do you combat this? We don’t expect you to NOT grab that gingerbread spiced latte or pass up the glass of cabernet. Instead Forest Edge Dental has come up with tips on how to enjoy your warm beverages and cocktails throughout the winter while keeping your pearly whites protected. Read more “Keeping Your Teeth Winter White This Holiday Season in Hoffman Estates”

I Love My Coffee
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Worried about what’s causing your smile to turn yellow? You’re not alone, as many Hoffman Estates, IL area residents are wondering what they can do to prevent tooth discoloration and what type of teeth whitening may be recommended. Everyone wants a beautiful smile and having sparkling white teeth will definitely help boost your self esteem. In this post we wanted to outline some of the things that can cause your teeth to turn yellow, and what you can do to both prevent and reverse discoloration.

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