Caring for your dental implants
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Getting dental implants is a big decision. A new set of teeth can drastically enhance one’s confidence and overall outlook on life. And if you feel embarrassed about missing teeth, tooth loss is much more common than most think. Just like real teeth, you want your new implants to properly function and last as long as possible. And, for the most part, you care for them just the same as real teeth. We’ll cover how to care for your dental implants from the surgery process to the final restoration placement. Avoid going through implant surgery more than necessary by following our guide to caring for your brand new smile. For general questions on dental implants in Hoffman Estates contact Forest Edge Dental.

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Fight Bad Breath Blog
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Before we start, nothing can substitute good oral hygiene. You know the routine; brush twice a day, floss daily and never skip your six-month dental cleaning with your favorite Hoffman Estates IL dentist. Might sound boring, but maintaining good oral care will help ensure your teeth last a lifetime and help your co-worker from fleeing every time you need to talk to them! No one likes to have bad breath and no likes to be stuck in a conversation with someone that has bad breath. Unenjoyable for both parties. So outside of good hygiene, what foods naturally help combat halitosis?

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Fluoride for Children's Oral Health
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Dentists encourage us to use fluoride so often, we may take this superpower ingredient for granted. But is fluoride really worth all the hype? And how can it benefit our children’s oral health? We’ll take an in-depth look at fluoride – and show you why your child’s Hoffman Estates dentist is right to make the recommendation!

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Missing Tooth Blog
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Cosmetically, missing a tooth isn’t fun. It can feel uncomfortable or embarrassing to have a gap in your teeth. But besides lacking elegance, missing a tooth can be harmful to your dental health. This is why it’s important to replace the tooth with a dental implant, a dental bridge, removable partial dentures, etc. Your dentist will discuss the options that best suit your needs. Choosing no replacement should never be an option. Here are 4 reasons why replacing a missing tooth is vital to your dental health.

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