Spring Cleaning Oral Health Blog
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Dusting the baseboards, cleaning the carpets, emptying out the closets and garage may all be on the spring cleaning checklist this year. But, as your Hoffman Estates dentist, we’ve come up with a different spring cleaning checklist, one for your smile! Below are five spring cleaning tips to help clean your mouth and the appliances you use in conjunction with keeping your smile beaming!

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Dental Appointment Calendar
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Are you curious as to what the point of regular dental exams are? Sure, you know they help clean your teeth but if you brush and floss daily, is it really necessary? Yes. Yes. YES. Even those who take tremendous care of their mouths should have routine maintenance. And the best part with Forest Edge Dental, regular dental cleanings in Hoffman Estates with Dr. Johnson & Dr. Montoya are a breeze! Read more “Why Do I Need Regular Dental Exams?”